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COVID-19: What could God supply?

Chicken House

In January Miss N traveled to her home country of Nepal from Kenya, the place of her captivity. This anti-trafficking ministry received her, “safe into our family ready to rebuild her life.” Before COVID-19 intensified the vulnerability of the region, reports indicated a growing flow of Asian children into Kenya to meet the brothel demand of Asian clients. National leaders know, “Nepalese ladies are easy prey.”

And then came Coronavirus.

Since Coronavirus reached into the isolated, dark spaces of South Asia, the fragile economy has collapsed one daily worker at a time. Restrictions around movement and transportation impact the society functioning with a system of single day-single pay labor. Resources for food “today” and “tomorrow” has been cut off for so many. Imports from India largely ceased, resulting in scarcity of basic supplies and high prices for what is available.

With little warning, sheltering 140 children and staff caring for them has gotten much more expensive. In addition, this ministry serves a wider community of people and church with Gospel-centered ministry. At the same time, financial partnership support has waned as even wealthier economies feel the Coronavirus impact. The anti-trafficking ministry regularly provides financial reports, audit-reports, and photos for partners who invest in their work financially and in prayer.  On average, $3,000 supports the needs of a whole home for 34 individuals with housing, food, medical needs, operational support, and schooling. 

This anti-trafficking ministry in Nepal works daily against the darkness damaging the lives of vulnerable children. As COVID-19 adds a new layer of darkness, leaders creatively address growing needs by maximizing resources.

To care for the needs of the children who call this ministry home, leaders asked a question:  What could God supply with what we already have?

If they started from scratch, costs would be more, but they want to begin with what they have. As God provides, they want to add a pigsty and more growing equipment. They’re praying for materials like PVC pipes, re-bar, and plastic to complete the projects and see what God provides.

What could God supply with what we already have? If you want to partner with this anti-trafficking ministry to provide for children like Miss N, you can give a gift below. "Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings." (Psalm 17:8)

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


This anti-trafficking ministry in Nepal serves girls and boys who have experienced rejection of their families and life in the Red Light District.

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  • For God to give new life in Christ to the children who are rescued.
  • That God would provide a full-time dentist to make trips into remote villages each week so that awareness about sex trafficking can spread.
  • That God would provide customers for the business so that they can begin making a profit and supporting the ministry.
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