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3 Stories of Women's Lives Transformed

The anti-trafficking ministry houses girls and boys who have been trafficked or are vulnerable in other ways. The ministry works to see holistic transformation in the lives of each child in their care through counseling, physical healing, education, and primarily Gospel presentation. There is no pressure for any of the children to receive Christ, but by God's grace most do. Then after the girls grow up, many of them continue to work with the ministry in a leadership and caring role for younger kids in the homes. Here are some examples of how God has worked in the lives of women involved in the anti-trafficking ministry.

Boldly Returning to Her Village

Aastha is a woman rescued from her village as a vulnerable girl. She lived in the anti-trafficking ministry homes and has experienced the life transformation that the ministry leaders dream about.

Aastha has always had the dream of returning to her village, where many girls are trafficked, and building a school there. She wants to be able to offer children there a quality education, and be able to alert families about the danger of child sex trafficking. Aastha even got married (an amazing life transformation for girls who have experienced the horrors of abusive men), had a baby, and graduated from higher education. Now, she's about to open her school.

The ministry thanks all their ministry supporters who helped make Aastha's dreams come true through their prayers, financial support, tangible help, and encouragement.

International Women's Day Celebration

On International Women's Day in March, the anti-trafficking ministry held a virtual celebration honoring each of the women who dedicate themselves to the Lord by caring for the many children they have living in the rescue homes. These women often play the role of mother, aunt, leader, friend, and counselor to the many girls and boys who have experienced the traumas of the Red Light District, or have been vulnerable in other ways. Each woman is strong and gracious, and pour themselves out to become more like Jesus personally, as well as to see the girls and boys be freed from their sin and shame through belief in the Gospel.

Panita's Story

Panita is one of the girls who has lived in the rescue homes for many years as part of the ministry family. She's grown up there in safety as she's learned about the Gospel, received a good education, and even gotten engaged. The ministry leaders are thankful they even asked for their family's blessing on their marriage! The wedding will happen soon when the restrictions from COVID-19 lift.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


This anti-trafficking ministry in Nepal serves girls and boys who have experienced rejection of their families and life in the Red Light District.

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  • For God to give new life in Christ to the children who are rescued.
  • That God would provide a full-time dentist to make trips into remote villages each week so that awareness about sex trafficking can spread.
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