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Updates are our way of keeping you informed about the projects going on at Live Global. Each update is specific to a certain project, and gives you a front-seat view of what Jesus is doing across the globe. Plus, each update tells you about specific ways you can get in on the action.

We invite you to read about some of the exciting things going on and get involved by praying, donating, and sharing.


“…And Also Give!”

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the ...
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iranian refugees

Iranian Refugees Ask About Christian Faith

Despite the tragic reasons that Iranians have been compelled to leave their home country and seek asylum in other countries ...
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Chicken, Fish, and Cows—How a Leader Becomes Self-Sustaining

From a church, to Bible classes, to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus ...
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impact globally

Instruct Locally to Impact Globally

Instruct Locally to Impact Globally—that's the purpose of Beacon Baptist Theological Seminary in India. They know at this Indian seminary ...
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On the Last Day of 2074

It was the last day of Nepal year 2074 (Yes, in Nepal they don't follow the Gregorian calendar; they follow ...
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Summer School Looks Like So Much Fun!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here are 37 photos from summer school at Hope ...
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A Picnic for Refugees

We know from Revelation 7 that there will be worshipers from every tribe, tongue, people, and language at the throne ...
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Well Done!

No really, this well is done! At Hope Children's Orphanage in Myanmar, they needed to dig a well for their ...
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distributing gospel tracts

Video: “Distributing Gospel Tracts Is the Most Effective Way”

"People mistakenly believe that Christianity has its origins in the West," says Tungpi. "It is a serious misunderstanding. These 'Ancient ...
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Testimonies from the Middle East Ministry Internship

Although mainstream news stories from the Middle East are often dark, God has not forgotten His remnant there. The Lord ...
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“The Ancient Path” Goes Digital

From rustic villages in the mountaintops to bustling third-world cities, this little gospel tract has been distributed and read by ...
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brother prays

When a Brother Prays

Arjun first heard about Christ in 1997—more than 20 years ago! To a certain degree, Arjun believed in his heart, ...
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“Found” in Translation

It's good news that an "oops" for us is not an "oops" for God! Here's the story of how a ...
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The Old Proven Tool

The Old Proven Tool

From clothing to music, to movies, it seems like young people across the globe are fascinated by American culture! There's especially ...
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blanket ministry

More than a Warm Blanket

John Piper says, "As Christians, we care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering." Live Global partner Bijaya and his evangelism ...
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bible college

What’s Up with the Bible College?

We've introduced you in the past to Dr. Do Suan Mung. He's the man who founded Faith Baptist Bible College ...
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kids in the refugee camps

Reaching Kids in the Refugee Camps

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. (Psalm 145:4) In any situation, it's God's ...
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home base

Somewhere to Call Home Base

For years, Bijaya and his team have been trekking (literally) throughout the mountainous regions of Nepal to reach remote villages ...
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Sajay Experiences God Who Sets the Captive Free

In one of the busiest cities in India, the Planting 300 Churches project is seeing individuals come to know Jesus ...
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Padma’s Story: From Abuse to Jesus

Padma's Background Story Padma's parents died when she was very young. She and her siblings were raised by their aunt ...
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Using Juxtaposition in India to Share Christ

The juxtaposition in India can be quite remarkable. Poor villages can be located right next to a wealthy neighborhood. High ...
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Seven Refugee Churches Out of the One

Through the working of the Holy Spirit, God has sought and saved many people in the refugee corridor. He has ...
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A New Perspective

It's amazing how the Lord makes many people eager to read His Word." That's Bijaya speaking about one of his ...
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“Instead We Persevere”

Thank you so much for your fervent prayer and support for the Koinonia Church Network in Nepal. As a result, ...
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Visiting professors

Visiting Professors Have an Impact

If national believers are going to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth, they're ...
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all backgrounds

How to Reach Families from All Backgrounds

Friendship Ministries in Bangladesh has gotten so creative over the years. They are dedicated to reaching families from all backgrounds ...
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fly on the wall

Video: A Fly on the Wall at FBBCTS

If you were a fly on the wall at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar, this is ...
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Good morning to you

Video: Good Morning to You!

Oh, if everyone's morning could begin the way it does at Hope International School in Yangon, Myanmar! The kids practice ...
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midst of uncertainty

In the Midst of Uncertainty, God Certainly Works

It seems that dynamics in the Middle East continue to change and dangers rise and fall quickly. But in the ...
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Meat chickens

Meat Chickens Provide Financial Kick-Start for Churches

God has provided many faithful Nicaraguans to start churches all over Nicaragua! These leaders complete two years of training in ...
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many different ways

Preaching the Gospel in Many Different Ways

Then the King will say to those on his right, "Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation ...
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Testimonies from Togo

Personal Testimonies from the 2017 Spiritual Life Conference

Every few years, Pastor Joseph (leader of the Training Families project in Togo) organizes a Spiritual Life Conference for youths ...
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monk receives Bible

Buddhist Monk Receives Bible After Wanting One for Two Years

Editor's Note: This update is written by Tungpi, a national missionary in Myanmar who uses "The Ancient Path" gospel tract ...
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by the numbers

Ministry by the Numbers

Editor's Note: The following is a "ministry by the numbers" report from the Planting 300 Churches project. We thank God ...
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Who Graduates from Bangladesh Theological Seminary?

This past summer, Bangladesh Theological Seminary graduated six students from the Bible college and one student from the seminary. These ...
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go where they are

“Our Approach Is To Go There Where They Are”

For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, 'I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may ...
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joy and challenge

The Greatest Joy and the Biggest Challenge

It takes some navigating mountainous dirt roads and fording rivers to get to some of the villages outside of Kalaymyo, ...
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Rescued girl transformed

Rescued Girl Transformed by the Love of Christ

A call came informing the team that a girl named “Sarah” had just been rescued from trafficking. She was a ...
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Muslim man

Man Trusts Jesus in Refugee Camp, Stays to Minister to Others

Evangelism to the lost can be messy business, but God "is a shield to those who walk in integrity, guarding the ...
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84-Year-Old Moldovan Woman Baptized

God is moving among Moldovans in Eastern Europe! Live Global national partners, Pastor Victor and his wife, are serving the ...
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missions endeavors

Video: This School Is a Center for Missions Endeavors

Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar is not just a theological training ground—it's a center for missions ...
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Planting the seed of hope

Video: Planting the Seed of Hope in Christ

Planting the seed of hope in Christ—that's the foundation of Hope International School (HIS) in Yangon, Myanmar. Here's Lydia, the ...
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unconditional compassion

Christians Show Unconditional Compassion

Many people in the Buddhist-majority Myanmar still live with many "tribal" culture traditions and divisions. And even in a tragedy ...
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Rushing River

Baptisms in a Rushing River

I spent quite a long time in helping them come to the knowledge of God. That's Pastor Aki writing about ...
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Schools, music, seniors, and farms

Schools, Music, Senior Programs, and Farms

What do schools, music, senior programs, and farms have in common? If you ask Pastors Ajit and Salim, these are ...
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Baptized them all

“So I Baptized Them All”

This little gospel tract titled "The Ancient Path" packs a powerful punch and it's having a tremendous impact throughout Asia ...
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Share in joy

Share in the Joy over National Youth Conference 2017

You prayed for the National Youth Conference this August in Togo. And God answered! Share in the Joy over Souls ...
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forgiveness and grace

Family Campers Learn About Forgiveness and Grace

It seems as though "forgiveness" and "grace" are new words for our campers. Bubu and Bahiti, leaders of the Discipling ...
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Least evangelized division of Myanmar

Reaching the Least Evangelized Division of Myanmar

Oh how sweet it is to see national believers reaching their own countries for Christ! It's incredible how God has ...
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Rebuild church strategy

Rebuilding Three Churches: the Profiles

After floods devastated Myanmar in 2015, many believers in Myanmar have experienced the loss of property, livelihoods, and their churches ...
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Churches rebuild in Myanmar strategy

Rebuilding Three Churches: the Strategy

Monsoon of 2015 the Worst in Decades The monsoon season of 2015 wasn’t an ordinary monsoon season. Out of 15 ...
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Hut Churches Growing in Number and Spirit

The Lord saves people in cities, villages, and even out in the bush of West Africa. Pastor Joseph, leader of ...
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no one bored at engedi

No One Is Bored at Engedi

When God gives a person a vision and a calling, He is faithful to provide everything they need to fulfill ...
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Called to prepare

Video: You Are Called to Prepare

If you are called to ministry then you are called to prepare. Those at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological ...
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don't go

Many People Tell Them “Don’t Go!”

God is really at work saving people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region! And not only is ...
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The Lord answers their prayers

The Lord Answers Their Prayers

Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. (Psalm 2:8) This ...
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Robbers and the CLAY center

How God Used Robbers to Provide CLAY Center with New Land

Editor's Note: This update was written by a Western missionary closely associated with the CLAY Center. The following is an ...
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Home church celebrates

Home Church Celebrates Growth

Our Christ-following Jamaican national partners have a huge desire to see their community come to Christ. And from there, they ...
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Nagaland fathers

A Gospel Camp for Fathers in Nagaland

Nagaland is a state in India where many of the people will identify as Christian. But often the churches and ...
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Medical missions in Moldova

Medical Mission Sees Door Opened Through Prayer

In the Scriptures, we read that Jesus often accompanied sharing the truth about himself with physically healing people from their ...
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Chile and Beyond

To Chile and Beyond and Back

Live Global loves to partner with national believers who do innovative, Spirit-led ministry among their own people. And Live Global ...
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Look back

God Gives Thailand Ministry Something to Look Back On

Psalm 77, written by Asaph, begins with Asaph's expressed temporary belief that perhaps God had forgotten him. Will the Lord spurn ...
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Tea shop

Tea Shops, Mountain Tops, and a Big Goat

Bijaya and his Evangelism to Remote Villages project team had another incredible Spirit-led time of ministry among eight different remote ...
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Discipling the Lisu People in Sound Doctrine

The Lisu people are situated in several Asian countries: Myanmar, China, Thailand, and India. According to the Joshua Project, a ...
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young man pure

“How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure?”

How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. (Psalm 119:9) The Training Families project ...
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3 Reasons to Own their Orphanage House

The kids at Hope Children's Orphanage in Myanmar are doing well! They are back in school for the school year ...
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Chief priest of the Herakas

Reaching the Heraka Chief Priest

In the state of Nagaland, India, people are typically either Christians or Animists. And the animists have traditionally been challenging ...
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CLAY center games day

Games Day Outreach Draws a Crowd!

The CLAY (Changing Lifes Among Youth) Center staff prays that more Thai youth, especially men, will come to know the ...
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Afghan refugees in Bosnia

Afghan Refugees Hear the Gospel

A team from the Caring for Refugees project in Bosnia has been making trips to the refugee corridor every other ...
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“No One Else Is Reaching the Community this Way”

Friendship Ministries in Bangladesh, led now by Pastor Ajit, finds all kinds of ways to reach all kinds of people ...
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engedi camp

Engedi Camp Impacts Man for Eternity

If you've ever been to camp, you know the impact camp can have on people of all ages. It's amazing what ...
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Heart language of Karen people

Getting the Gospel into the Heart Language of All People

For me, if I hear the gospel in English or Thai, I may understand it. But if someone is sharing ...
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Saved, Discipled, Sent

Saved, Discipled, Sent

Just as Jesus called his disciples to himself, taught them the Truth, and then sent them out on mission in ...
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Additional grade

Hope International School Adds Grade Each Year

Hope International School (HIS) in Yangon, Myanmar opened in 2015 with preschool and kindergarten. At that time, Lydia (the founder ...
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Missions conference Nepal

A Missions Conference in Nepal?

Imagine living in a country where you are definitely not in the religious majority for being a Christian. You might ...
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day of prayer

July 8 Is Day of Prayer for National Youth Conference 2017

In just one short month 3,000 African young adults will gather in Togo, West Africa for an incredible youth conference, ...
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The Chileans Head to the Philippines!

Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency is all about sending more believers to the corners of the globe to share the good ...
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Taking Teenage Refugees to McDonald’s

Zijah and Lorena (the leaders of the Caring for Refugees project) are persistent in their care and ministry for refugees ...
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Graveyard preaching

Preaching Eternal Life in a Graveyard

If you think about it, a graveyard serves as an excellent backdrop for preaching the gospel. Then he said to ...
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mobile library boat

Row, Row, Row Your Mobile Library Boat?

When you live in Bangladesh, in the land of rivers, you have to get creative to reach areas that are ...
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Coffee beans

Coffee Beans Support Thailand Orphanage

The Child Family Prison Ministry (CFPM) in Thailand sits right in the heart of the coffee belt. And the leaders of the ...
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Big brothers

Sons of Prostitutes Get “Big Brothers”

The kids living at the boys and girls homes, run by the Rescuing Children of Sex Workers project staff, have ...
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Beacon Student Makes Disciples

I love Beacon Baptist Theological College & Seminary because I know what I learned from BBTC. I was taught the ...
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Story telling

Summer English Story Telling Competition Has an Impact

We told you summer school in Myanmar was fun! Especially at Hope International School where the students get to learn ...
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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at a Refugee Camp

Wow! Can you imagine what it would be like to run a youth ministry at a refugee camp in the ...
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Faith Professors Get Summertime Refreshment in the United States

It sounds crazy, but February through May is summertime in Myanmar! At least, it's the time schools traditionally take some ...
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Baptisms oh my

Baptisms, New Members, and Evangelism, Oh My!

God is doing mighty works in Nicaragua and He's using Nicaraguans to do it! Live Global national partners Marco and ...
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Hindu nation

Being Christian in a Hindu Nation

Pastor Aki and his wife Sama are the leaders of the Evangelism in Nagaland project in India. They primarily work ...
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brick factory

The Brick Factory Alternative

Families in the Middle East can end up in a really difficult situation. Sometimes they owe money, or sometimes they ...
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beauty school

Samara’s Dream for a Beauty School

Samara—our sister in Christ who was a former prostitute—has a vision to help other women get out of the sex ...
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Prostitute Asks, “What Do I Do Tomorrow?”

When Jesus walked into a new place, he was always drawn to the worst sinners. And as he reclined at ...
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not enough space

Not Enough Space!

It's really a good problem when there's not enough space at your church. It means people are hearing God's Word, ...
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Between a job and a church

Between a Job and a Church

It's amazing to see new and young believers listen to the Lord's leading and make difficult choices for the sake ...
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Three Interns, Three Visions for Jesus in the Middle East

Every year, Bubu and Bahiti work with a group of interns—young Middle Eastern adults—to disciple them and raise them up as evangelists ...
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Urdu translation

A Heart for Urdu Speakers

Bijaya is our faithful brother in Christ who leads the Evangelism to Remote Villages in Nepal project. Of course, he ...
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How a Driving Profession Leads to Church Planting

Rahiv is one of the Koinonia Church Network church planters in Nepal. He's considered a role model because of his strategic ...
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Akha Baptist Church

Akha Baptist Church—”The Akhas Have Learned to Give”

There were five people that showed up for the first service of Akha Baptist Church. That was in 1997. This ...
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Ancient Path recipient

Why Evangelists Use the “Ancient Path”

The "Ancient Path" is a small, but powerful gospel tract written from an Eastern culture worldview. It's used by the ...
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Ministry trip in Nagaland

Ministry Trips Have More Than One Purpose

Although the Evangelism in Nagaland project does focus on strengthening the Indian state of Nagaland for Christ, they do often ...
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Iglesia strategy

How a Nicaraguan Church Strategized to Reach the Community

Iglesia Bautista La Gracia (Grace Baptist Church) in Nicaragua is a new church plant with the intention of reaching its ...
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After girls rescued

What Happens After Children Are Rescued?

The Rescuing Children of Sex Workers project in India focuses on a unique aspect of rescue work. One of their primary ...
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Refugee abuse

Refugees Experiencing Abuse, But Encountering Jesus, in Europe

We live in a fallen world. And everyone needs Jesus to save them from their sin and shame. Live Global received ...
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High school

High School Students Hear the Word

What do you remember about high school? Maybe it was the great time you had playing sports or being in ...
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Great questions

Good Questions Get Answered

I was sharing about Jesus with a man the other day. The man kept asking me about Jesus' journey. I ...
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church building

Working on a Church Building

You don't need a building to have a church. But, practically speaking, a building is pretty helpful. Iglesia Bautista La Gracia ...
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New Koinonia church

“I Fell into Their Trap”—But God Delivered

By the grace of God, the Koinonia Church Network in Nepal has just planted one more church! But, as it ...
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God kept the rain

It Rained the Whole Day

It rained the whole day. But everything was set up for the outreach, so Bijaya and his team kept driving ...
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harvest field refugees

Harvest Field in Middle East a Strategy to Reach Refugees

Bubu and Bahiti, the leaders of the Discipling Believers project in North Africa, are experiencing a joy disciple makers long for! One ...
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Police gave up

Police Gave Up After Seeing Hundreds of Worshipers

The Church Planting Among the Akha People project has seen some incredible fruit over the years. Since Akha John began ...
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4 people who need Christ

4 People Pursued by Christ

God is good and faithful and He is gracious to pursue those who are lost! Somewhere in Eastern Europe right ...
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Arlung with kids

From Orphans Themselves to Orphanage Directors

God works in remarkable ways to lead His followers in His will. The directors of Child Family Prison Ministry (CFPM) ...
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Bible literature library

Bible Literature Library: How Sosi Met Christ

Friendship Ministries in Bangladesh has used some creative methods to reach people in the land they live in. Pastor Salim, ...
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Needy in Moldova

How Taking Care of the Needy Leads to Gospel Presentations

"Needy" can mean many things in Moldova. There are young widowed women with families and no income. There are elderly ...
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Isolated believers

To Encourage Isolated Believers

Bijaya's ministry, Evangelism to Remote Villages (Nepal), has him on the road often. He makes outreach trips and trips to ...
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Glow sticks

2,500 Glow Sticks in Togo

Every kid loves a glow stick—and Togolese kids are no exception! Right now there are 2,500 glow sticks sitting in ...
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Summer school

When Summer School Is a Good Thing

In the United States, being sent to summer school might not be a good thing. But in Myanmar, and specifically ...
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God's work spans generations

God’s Work Spans Generations

Dynamic Church in India Focuses on Church Planting and Rescue Work There sits an incredibly dynamic church in the heart ...
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The Gospel in Maithili

Pranaam! Kushal kine? That means "Hello! How are you?" in Maithili. This is a language spoken in the Terai region of Nepal ...
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10 years after English classes

Man Gets Saved 10 Years After English Classes

The Lord has started to answer prayers for people to get saved through the Teaching English Classes project in Thailand ...
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Adelphos sign for Chile fires

God At Work Through the Chile Fire

There are still in our memories the sad and desperate faces of so many people around the country. To see ...
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Ahcha Akha

How God used Ahcha to Spread the Gospel

Amazingly, Akha people from all over Asia come to Akha Missionary Bible Seminary in Thailand each year. This seminary is a ...
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Church of 35 shows love

How Much Love Can Flow from a Church of 35?

The church behind the Caring for Refugees project in Bosnia is only a church of 35 people. And yet this ...
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Orphanage girls get saved

Two Orphanage Girls Get Saved!

Family devotions at Hope Children's Orphanage are not just an add-on. These are integral to family life and the spiritual ...
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Principal tract

School Principal Reads Gospel Tract, Allows Distribution to Whole School

God finds incredible ways to allow the spreading of the gospel—in even the most difficult places! At one elementary school ...
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summer camp 2017

Calling All Camp Counselors!

It's that time of year again! Bubu and Bahiti, leaders of the Discipling Believers project in North Africa, are gearing up ...
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Leviticus in the Villages

Evangelism in the hills of Moldova is slow and difficult, but it is fruit-bearing through faithful men and women of ...
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Dead in the trespasses and sins

“And You Were Dead in the Trespasses and Sins”

Friendship Ministries in Bangladesh was founded by a faithful man named Pastor Salim. And he still plays an integral role in ...
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Husband changed at camp

New Believer’s Husband Gets Saved at Family Camp

People in one of the biggest cities in India are coming to know the Lord one by one. And the Church ...
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Give me this mountain

A “Give Me This Mountain” Year

This year begins with new challenges for Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency. The Great Spirit of Caleb But as they said, ...
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Used clothing stand

An Open Door at a Used Clothing Stand

What a joy when your disciples begin to make other disciples. This is the case for Bubu and Bahiti, workers ...
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Akha village

The First Akha Christian in China

Meepia was the first Akha Christian in China. Out of 2 million Akhas in the country, she was the only one ...
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Forest fire

Update on the Chile Fires

Chile is in crisis. The forest fires are raging on. At least eleven people have lost their lives. Thousands have had ...
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Lead trainer

What Does a Lead Trainer Do All Day?

The Church Leadership Training project in East Asia operates mainly through the dedicated lead trainers they've raised up over the ...
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Teaching, Preaching, and Farming

Do Teaching and Preaching and Farming Go Together?

Ning's Testimony Fifteen years ago, Ning felt like everything was going his way. He lived in large city in East ...
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A Day in the Life

The family at Hope Children's Orphanage is probably a lot like your family! The kids go to school during the ...
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How to plant a church in Nepal

How to Plant a Church in Nepal

The Koinonia Church Network in Nepal has a goal of planting 500 new churches by the year 2020. And they ...
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Special needs

A Poem by Berin, a Teenager with Special Needs

Update—October, 2017: Boris is still in the care of those at Zijah and Lorena's church and he will start to ...
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Dozens of Burmese Believers Sent Into the Harvest Field

Every two years, Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar sends out a new batch of well-equipped evangelists, pastors, ...
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Tooth extraction leads to God glorified

Woeful Tooth Extraction Leads to God Glorified

In Rhyne Park, Jamaica, Christians have been deliberately building bridges for the gospel through relationships with hurting people. One such ...
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Evangelism in a Frozen Land

Do you remember when Bijaya asked us to pray for his trip to Alaska and potentially to Canada? The goal ...
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Franklin Graham Crusade

Distributing “Ancient Path” at Franklin Graham Crusade

Franklin Graham recently visited Myanmar (Burma) to share the gospel in front of a crowd of 46,000! And the "Ancient Path" ...
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good books Myanmar

Faith Baptist Needs Good Books

"What's the one thing you need most at Faith Baptist?" we asked Dr. Mung, founder and president of Faith Baptist ...
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Burmese learns english

Video: Burmese 6-Year-Old Learns English

From a Christian perspective, it is so important for Burmese children to learn English. Why? English is the "Language of ...
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Chile fire destruction 2017

Chile Fires—”Where No Help Is Coming”

In the face of one of the most serious situations Chile has ever faced, Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency decided to ...
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Moldova youth camp

3 Reasons to Do Youth Camp in Poor Villages

The Evangelism and Caring for the Poor project in Moldova (Eastern Europe) focuses on reaching the lost through providing physical ...
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Jesus Film

Pray for Jesus Film Outreach

The Jesus Film is a unique evangelism tool used to share the gospel with unbelievers all around the world in ...
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Covet prayers

Coveting Your Prayers: What Happened After Blankets Were Lost

Update from Bijaya on February 24, 2017: "Thank you for praying! After the chaos of losing 90 precious blankets, the Lord encouraged ...
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Prayers answered at camp

Prayers Answered for Youth Camp

There must be something like a special blessing over our ministry that we saw so many prayers answered. Each of ...
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When the Interpreter Learns About Jesus

Meet Kadeen Kadeen, a language interpreter for the Caring for Refugees project, is from Syria. But, he studied in Bosnia ...
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transformation through christ

Three Togolese Experience Transformation Through the Gospel

Pastor Joseph and his church do widespread ministry all throughout Togo. They focus on strengthening married couples and reaching youth ...
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Cyclone Vardah

Praying for God to Work After Cyclone Vardah

Earlier in December 2016, Cyclone Vardah devastated Chennai, India (one of the biggest coastal cities in the country). Many people died ...
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Jesus Loves Me

Video: Liberian Kids Learn “Jesus Loves Me”

The Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency is so excited about their new partnership in Liberia! That's right, Adelphos has sent Chilean ...
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villagers torture at house

“Villagers Gather at My House to Torture Us”

As Christians in the United States, we don't often hear about how God is working in the most remote parts ...
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True meaning of Christmas

Teaching Hindus the True Meaning of Christmas

Editor's Note: Below is a letter from Bijaya and his wife, Bimala, to you as they rejoice in the Lord's blessings ...
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Pray for Saabirah, a Christian in a Muslim Family

The Caring for Refugees ministry, headquartered in Bosnia, often works with people from a Muslim background. Since most of the ...
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foreigners not able to go

God Uses Partnerships in North Africa

North Africa is largely an unreached area. We know that most people there still desperately need Jesus. But God is ...
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“I Was Taught the Truth”

Live Global partners with a number of Bible colleges and seminaries throughout Asia. This is because we know that if ...
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house fire

House Fire Brings Glory to God

In the remote villages of Moldova in Eastern Europe, poverty is a way of life. People don't have much, so ...
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Bible Takes Over Buddhist Altar

The goal is to reach the lost in Myanmar. We want to see Bibles taking over Buddhist altars all throughout ...
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Baptizing in the Amazon

Baptizing in the Amazon

For the past 12 years, representatives from the Adelphos Chilean Missions agency have traveled to the Amazon region of Peru. God has blessed ...
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Making lunch for refugees

Making Lunch for Refugees

Making Lunch for Refugees an Economical Success The project of making lunch for refugees, who are living in the forest ...
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David and Goliath

David Faced His Goliaths, but God Is Victorious

David said to the Philistine, 'You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, ...
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married couples seminar

Marvelous Testimonies from Married Couples Seminars

The results we are getting from the married couples seminars this year are marvelous. "An Answer after 25 Years" A ...
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Encounters with Jesus at Youth Camp

Youth Campers Experience Encounters with Jesus

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, Our Evangelistic youth camp in the desert in North Africa was an incredible encouragement. Fifty young adults ...
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Son, fence, God's provision

A Son, a Fence, and Prayers for Provision

Life is never dull at Hope Children's Orphanage in Myanmar. God continues to send provision and enables them to do ...
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Bijaya's mom

Pray for Bijaya’s Mom to Be Saved

If you know Bijaya, you know he's constantly sharing the gospel with everyone he meets. And like many of us, he ...
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Pray for a Job

He Began to Pray for a Job

How God Attracted Him to Christ He was born in a slum in India. He had only finished school through ...
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Villages and families

New Way to Reach Villages and Families for Christ

It's a tiny booklet, but it packs a gospel punch. Pastors and evangelists have used "The Ancient Path" gospel tract ...
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The Lord bestows favor

The Lord Bestows Favor to Zijah

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold ...
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Togo National Bible Quiz

Competition High in Togo National Bible Quiz

When you're working with teens and families, you have to get creative! Pastor Joseph is a talented and creative visionary who ...
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Hope Gets a Makeover!

Hope International School keeps looking better and better as funding comes in to make improvements. New Supplies and Security for HIS ...
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Purpose at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary

What Is Your Purpose at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary?

A student, Israel, gets asked the question, "What is your purpose at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary?" And he replies with ...
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Uncertainty in North Africa

Uncertainty in North Africa

Bubu and Bahiti share with us the urgency they sense to continue sharing Jesus in the midst of high uncertainty in ...
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Chile Prison Ministry

Seeing Fruit from Chile Prison Ministry

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise.” (Proverbs 11:30) We started from ...
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Pastor Devon Needs Laser Spine Surgery

In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, so that ...
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May Learns About Jesus at CFPM

May is Su-nee’s younger sister. They have the same father, serving a life sentence in Chiang Rai prison, but different mothers. They ...
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Landing in Liberia to Join the Local Church

God Opened the Doors with His Power We praise God that we arrived in Liberia, West Africa after four years ...
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Encouraging them under persecution

Encouraging the Persecuted and Raising New Evangelists

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not ...
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Stories of Escape

Listening to Stories of Terror, Escape, and Struggle

We recently had the opportunity to leave Bosnia and minister humanitarian aid and the love of Christ to Middle Eastern ...
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Ministry to refugees

A Summer of Refugee Ministry

It's hard to keep hope when you hear tragic stories on the news of refugees fleeing their home countries in ...
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Land Purchased for Orphanage!

The money has been delivered and the treaty is signed. At long last, Hope Children's Orphanage has purchased land to ...
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Greetings from New York, Alaska, and Canada!

Update on October 29, 2016: Thank you very much for your prayers. God did not want me to travel through ...
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Rescued from the red light district

Molly Rescued from the Red Light District

Molly was growing up in a brothel with her mother. She had no idea that there was more to life ...
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Children's Ministry

Video: Student Plans to Start Children’s Ministry in Home Village

Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in Yangon, Myanmar graduates hundreds of qualified Christian leaders each year. The graduates then disperse and ...
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Meet the orphanage kids

Meet the Orphanage Kids!

"Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation." (Psalm 68:5) Hope Children's Orphanage in Myanmar, ...
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Teachers Vital to Quality of Education

The energetic teachers at Hope International School (HIS) in Myanmar have a big job. Not only do they get to ...
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Resilient people

Haitians Are Resilient People

The Haitians are an incredibly resilient people. These are pictures of Anse-d'Hainault, Haiti, with over 23,000 habitants. It's a coastal ...
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Waiting on Food

Waiting for a Barge of Food

These Haitians are all waiting on the edge of the coast for a barge that is supposed to come and deliver ...
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Photos of Haiti Hurricane

Photo Diary: People Devastated by Hurricane

Live Global's advocate for Haiti on the ground, Gary Crawford, visited villages where Haitians experienced some of the worst effects ...
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Haiti Hurricane first response

Homes Hit Hard by Hurricane Matthew

Editor's Note: Live Global's advocate for Haiti on the ground, Gary Crawford, writes this update after his first 16 hours ...
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I would rather die

“If You’re Going to Convert Me, I Would Rather Die”

In the 1950s there was a young man living in India. He was a staunch Hindu. His father was the chosen man of ...
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Matching gift

Special Opportunity For $5,000 Matching Gift

Dear friends of God's work in Asia, God has blessed "The Ancient Path" by raising all the funds necessary to ...
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CFPM “Like a Big Family” to Nami

Nami came to CFPM (Child and Family Prison Ministry) in April 2010. Her mother was incarcerated shortly after she was born ...
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Christian stereotype

Overcoming the Christian Stereotype

Update on December 7, 2016: After the elections in Bosnia, the political situation became even more difficult. Two national communities started to fight ...
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Meet Paul

Meet Paul, Medical Doctor Turned Evangelist

Paul's Family Background Paul was born into a home of a God-honoring, faithful father and mother. His father and mother were from ...
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Koinonia Leadership Institute of Nepal

Introducing Koinonia Leadership Institute of Nepal

If national partners around the world are taking the reigns on global missions, it's of utmost importance those Christians get solid ...
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Daughter's ministry

Bijaya’s Daughter’s Ministry at School

Dear praying friends, I have more updates from my recent trip I would like to share with you, plus some ...
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Kids to school

Let’s Get Those Kids to School

The Problem for Hope Families A ferry widely-ridden by Hope International School families is asking for more money to stay in ...
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Ancient Path buddhist

Why Is “The Ancient Path” So Effective?

People have asked Live Global, “Why is 'The Ancient Path' so popular with national pastors and evangelists in Asia?" The ...
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Sharing the Gospel on the World’s Highest Road

Dear praying friends and families, Greetings from the world's highest road in the rugged Himalayas! So now give me this ...
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Long view of God's Work

A Long View of God’s Work

Teaching Kids of Former Students I, Pastor Aki, am excited to give you some information about my trip to a ...
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Su-Nee: From Malnutrition to Holistic Health

I got to stay with a warm family full of joy and love in very big and nice house. I got ...
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Interview: When a Christian Crosses his Caste

Pastor Ishayu is a pastor of one of the many Koinonia churches in the network. He shares how one man ...
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Grace Ministries

The Multi-Faceted Grace Ministries

The Lord answered my prayer and gave me a fast way into more areas to share the gospel and taught me ...
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From Nominal to Personal: Athina’s Story

Many Beacon students walk in and register without even knowing Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Why? It's because ...
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Hope for the Herakas (Animists)

I (Pastor Aki) have conducted a gospel camp at this village two times earlier for the Christians living there. This ...
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Indian gang

Sharing Christ Where He Was a Terror Before

Michael was born in a slum. He left school when he was in 5th grade and joined a terror gang. In ...
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How God Prepared Bijaya for Ministry

Editor's Note: The following are Bijaya's words, sharing how God has been at work in his life, preparing him for ...
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girls home

Girls Home Rescues Two Sisters

Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom ...
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Ministry in Myanmar

Why Nationals Carry Ministry in Myanmar

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Ministry in the Golden Land of Judson, a booklet authored by Dr ...
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Old Testament Recitation

Video: (Adorable) Hope Student Recites Old Testament Books

Every day is an exciting day at Hope International School (HIS) in Myanmar. Each morning, pre-K students walk in the ...
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Selling Tapioca, Sharing Jesus

Ka's story has a rough start. He was a thug, in and out of jail, and constantly drunk and high ...
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Sending the Word to the North

For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it ...
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Rain on a farm

And There Was Rain

It's incredible how even something as simple as rain on a farm can be a testimony of God's abundant grace ...
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Peanut vending

Peanut Vendor Meets the One True God

When one peanut vendor was desperate for help and did everything his religion told him to do, but saw no results, the one true ...
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Hope for stories of pain

Heart-Moving Stories of Pain

Jesus transforms lives full of stories of pain into new creations for his glory. Of course, people redeemed by Jesus ...
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New home stylized

When a New Home Could Mean so Much

In many parts of the world, just caring for the basic needs of life (food, water, shelter, and clothing) can require ...
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Help Needed for Koinonia Churches, Shelters, and Bible Institute

Help Needed for Koinonia Churches, Shelters, and Bible Institute

Help Needed for Churches Koinonia churches really appreciate your fervent prayer and support as they work to reconstruct the churches in their ...
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Mission orphanage

The Mission for Hope Children’s Orphanage

The Mission of Hope Children's Orphanage The mission of Hope Children's Orphanage is to "Glorify God by nurturing children, giving ...
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80-Year-Old Denies Her Voodoo Name

Have you ever tried to change your name? If so, you know how hard it can be! Not only for ...
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Grow the Mission

Using a Farm to Grow the Mission

Editor's Note: This content was originally published as "Growing a Mission" on and has been slightly adapted for publication on Live Global ...
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In the City of the Sikhs

You would recognize the Sikhs if you saw them. The majority wear turbans on their heads and do not cut their ...
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Coptic church

Praying for Work Among Coptic Families

Reaching people with the gospel and discipling believers in North Africa can put workers in danger as they seek to share ...
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Indian tea

Having Tea with Strangers

Sometimes it’s in the most awkward spaces that God works. Like when you're having tea with strangers. Recently, Pastor Aki decided ...
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Chin-Jung and Ninja

How CFPM Changed the Lives of Chin-Jung and Ninja

For Ninja and Chin-jung, two brothers whose parents were sentenced to life in prison, CFPM (Child Family Prison Ministry) has ...
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Siblings in need of a home

Urgent: Two Siblings in Need of a Home

Case Background In April, a couple was arrested in northern Thailand for drugs. They were judged and each sentenced to ...
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monsoon season

Praying for Provision During Monsoon Season

Imagine it’s a normal Saturday in Nepal in April 2015. It's late morning and you're playing sports with people from the neighborhood out ...
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Crazy bus rides

A Crazy Bus Ride to Share the Gospel

Following Jesus to the ends of the earth can sometimes be quite the adventure. Bijaya recently shared with us a story ...
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Build an Orphanage

To Build an Orphanage

Housing Oppression in Myanmar Most people in Myanmar, like Salai, are too poor to buy land and build a house ...
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Biblical role of men

Jesus Prevails Through Clashes Regarding the Biblical Role of Men

The first of five summer camps in North Africa is about to kick it in gear and Bubu and Bahiti, ...
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Earthquake leaves doors open for evangelism

Earthquake Leaves Doors Open for Evangelism

A devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015 and left the Nepalese reeling from the aftermath. But God is greater ...
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Old Medicine, Good News

Old Medicine Leads to Good News

What was supposed to be a normal medical outreach for Bijaya and his team quickly became something very different when they ...
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camp opportunities in North Africa

Camp Opportunities in North Africa (for You!)

Praise the Lord with us that our three evangelistic camps in North Africa this summer are already fully booked out! ...
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Re-thinking Barnes and Noble

Picture a crowded place like Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. This is where people talk. They exchange ideas. Common spaces ...
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Friendship football team

Scoring A Different Kind of Goal

What does it mean to "play to win"? It means you think outside the box. It means you work hard ...
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VBS 2016 in Manipur

Pray for VBS 2016 in Manipur

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is underway in India, where Pastor Stephen and his wife pray for Jesus to redeem lost souls ...
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How much?

You’re Giving Us How Much? (A New Home)

It’s hard not to have a place to call “home.” The CLAY Center staff have been searching and praying for ...
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Missions Conference in the Amazon

The Amazon is not just a remote place full of exotic animals and insects. It’s where people live and the ...
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Ancient Path translated into Nepali

“Ancient Path” Translated Into Nepali

Update from Bijaya on May 8, 2016: We are very excited to report that the thousands of tracts and Bibles ...
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Packing Out The Stadium!

What is it about sports that people love so much? Across the globe, one of the best ways to get ...
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New school year

Starting a New School Year

This new school has already started impacting students for the second year! After opening in March 2015 with just pre-K ...
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Summer Camp for Refugees

This is the life of a refugee: no place to call home, no passport, no way to work, and no way ...
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Winter sweaters

Winter of Faithfulness

It never gets cold in Yangon, Myanmar. Even in the winter. Except that one time it did. Situated near the ...
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Friendship Bible Church

The History of Friendship Bible Church

I am Pastor Salim and we set up Friendship Bible Church and Friendship Ministries by the grace of God. A Location on ...
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Meet Salai, the Founding Father

"My father died when I was eight years old," Salai said. "I know what it's like to grow up without ...
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Pastor Swapan Mondal

Meet Pastor Salim, Friendship Ministries Founder

Pastor Salim has been in the driver's seat at Friendship Bible Church in Bangladesh since the church's foundation. Now Friendship Bible ...
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Helping in flooding

Tract Distributors Offering Relief in Flooding

It has been raining for a month in Chennai which has resulted in extreme flooding. Roads are under two feet ...
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We Can Help: An Invitation

The church held a “family picnic” day for the entire community that reached around 600 people. The day included promotional ...
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New Church History Among the Akha in Laos

For the first time in church history, Akhas in Laos will have their own church building! Recently they received official ...
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Cabins, Water Tanks, and The Gospel

God provided 15 new acres of beautiful property near a man-made lake for the campsite! The site is just now ...
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Baptisms in Liberia

Outreach is moving forward in Liberia. More than 70 people have received Jesus and 30 of these have been baptized ...
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The Road to Mandalay

The ministry at Mandalay among the Chinese is growing and God continues to add new believers to the church! Thankfully, ...
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church plants

Finding the Common Denominator for Successful Church Plants

Wouldn't it be cool if we knew what all of the successful church plants in India had in common? Well, an organization called ...
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Brought Together: Anti-Drug and Tent-Making

In 2005, Partners International Ministries launched their first Asia Pacific Missions Congress to bring together over 300 participants from 15 ...
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Outreach With a Music Academy?

Recently, the leaders of this work have been given an exciting new opportunity to purchase a music studio which would ...
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Youth Cry Out to Jesus

In October Pastor Aki and members from his church organized a Gospel camp in a neighboring village where most of ...
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Arrested, Assaulted…and It’s Working!

Our friends in India face organized opposition to their outreach ministries. Churches have been vandalized, pastors have been arrested and ...
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Strategy for Reaching the Unreached

In November, there will be a ministry meeting with 19 tribal pastors from 2 different countries. The pastors will be ...
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Human Trafficking: Awareness Program

The problem of human trafficking will always persist unless there is holistic change. In addition to starting several boys and ...
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Praise God for Land

Here’s an update from Pastor Stephen: The Lord has once again answered our prayer for the campsite land expansion. It ...
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Broken Families: The Other Side of Sex Slavery

If you think of the sex industry in Thailand, you probably picture a red light district full of bars, scantily ...
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Crossing over to 1,000 Students: God’s Provision

The Lord is ever faithful. Our Bible college enrollment is going up. We have 14 new students and with the ...
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Big Dreams

Around 15 years ago, Pastor John started an orphanage. There were just 6 kids then; now there are about 30 ...
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New Church Plant in Myanmar

There is a new work of church planting happening in an area in Myanmar. This is exciting fruit from Pastor ...
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Relief Work Continues in Many Remote Villages!

Because of the generous giving of many, thousands continue to be helped throughout remote areas in Myanmar. Here are some ...
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A Rough Road to Recovery in Flood-Ravaged Chin State

From Since June, many parts of Burma have been devastated by flooding that is said to be the worst ...
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Celebrating God’s Faithfulness Over the Past 10 Years

Rejoicing with our friends in India as the Lord has enabled them to: Support Missions: They currently support 22 national ...
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The Chosen 8: A Vision of Something Greater

Following Jesus in the Middle East has to be a very deliberate decision. The cost must be counted. And those ...
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Tears of shame to looks of hope: Families transformed

Praise God for a successful conference! Over 1500 parents and over 250 kids attended. Attendees had the opportunity to hear ...
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Safe for the First Time: The Boys Home

The Boys Home exists by the grace of God and through His generous mercy. The organization launched this freedom ministry ...
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Bursting At The Seams!

After just 3 months, between 35-55 people have been attending Friday evening Bible studies and Sunday morning services at Iglesia ...
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Suspended From School, Welcomed Into the Family

Planting a church is often slow going, but glimpses of what God is doing are always encouraging! This summer after ...
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Floods Cause Clean Water Shortages

From Floods have receded in many disaster-hit parts of Burma in the past week, while large areas remain inundated ...
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Food Shortages Still Plague Flood Victims

From the Myanmar Times: More than 451,000 disaster-affected people in states and regions across the country are estimated to be ...
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A Bigger Vision for God’s Kingdom

Workers visiting a church in Mexico have been busy preaching, teaching and visiting the sick. Praise God that people are ...
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Church Planting Strategy in Nepal

We have set vision for 2020 to establish 500 churches, that means each church has to plant 7 to 10 ...
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But God: “I Was Blind, But Now I See…”

Is it worth it? That is a question many believers ask, especially when working in hard, spiritually dark areas of ...
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Planning for the Future: the CLAY Center

These are the future plans for the CLAY Center. There will be ample space to connect with youth and university ...
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Not a Typical School

Not Your Typical School

This is not your typical school. Hope International School opens the door into Buddhist, nominal Christian, and unbelieving homes for ...
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Relief Distribution

Thanks to the generous donations of believers, food and supplies are being distributed this week. Currently, two teams are coordinating ...
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Great Famine Awaits in the Northern Chin State

Great famine awaits in the northern Chin State. Due to heavy rains, the main road, Tedim Road from Kalay to ...
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Updates from Ministry Leaders

You can read the first report from local ministry believers here. Because of this floods and landslides our Christian brothers and ...
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Burma’s President Urges People to Leave Delta as Floods Rise

RANGOON — Burma’s president urged people to leave a low-lying southern delta region on Thursday with rain water that has ...
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Helping Kids Escape Sex Trafficking

This church has a girls home which presently has eight daughters of prostitutes.  The mothers have asked that our ministry ...
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Updates from Kopheshe Village, Paletwa Tsp, Southern Chin State

Kophese Village has about 75 houses, of which over 21 are totally gone (including the pastor's), and another 8 badly ...
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Photo Updates of the Myanmar Flooding

These are photos that have been shared via email and facebook from those living in Myanmar ...
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Ministry Leaders Report on the Flooding

August 1, 2015 Dear Caring Friends: As some of you might have heard, Myanmar is facing the worst flooding in ...
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Over 10,000 Villagers Washed Out in Irrawaddy Division

PATHEIN — Over 10,000 locals across more than 30 villages in Hinthada District, Irrawaddy Division have had their homes inundated ...
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Affected Flood Areas, As of August 3rd

Hundreds of thousands have been displaced by the flooding, leaving thousands without food, shelter, or any hope of survival. Here ...
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Construction of Faculty Housing

Recently Beacon Baptist Bible College began construction to accomplish a new milestone of providing housing for their faculty who have ...
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So Many Questions

Dear Praying Friends, Some of you are wondering where is Joseph? Is he alive? How is his health? What is ...
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On the Move!

In the last two months, well over 100 people have been baptized. Churches have been established in new, unreached areas ...
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VBS camp 1

Go and Tell (VBS 2015)

This summer, outreach happened in four different villages as VBS was held for the children. They received 3 meals daily, ...
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A Miraculous Healing

On one of Bijaya's trips to the far west, he celebrated a baptism ceremony with a village church. Ten new believers ...
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English Classes are Growing!

Socorro and Faith's English classes are growing! Many have learned about the classes from the flyers they have handed out, ...
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Partners International History

Two Dollars And Great Faith

Arvin is a former pastor and worship leader; he and his wife, Yhanie, saw a need for church leaders to ...
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Take a Look: Our Sundays

Each Sunday typically brings a new visitor to the little house church. Thirteen regularly attend but some weeks there have ...
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To Boldly Love…Like A Man

What does it mean to be a man? There are a lot of things that influence every male around the ...
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New Transformational Center Outreach

Our friends have begun construction of a new transformational center in a needy area of the city. Currently, 60 first ...
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House of Light: Caring For Orphans

Without citizenship it is difficult if not impossible for the Akha to get a job. One of the only ways ...
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Building National Leaders

The Lord makes it very clear in my mind - until the national teach the national, churches will not grow ...
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From Hitman to Hope in a Refugee Camp

Some workers at a refugee camp in Central America shared this story: "We worked in a refugee camp where many ...
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Founder Impacts a Generation

I want to help the ordinary kids. Not the rich kids or the people that have money. I want to reach ...
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10 New Believers Baptized!

On May 5, we had the honor of "dunking" 10 new believers! Half of them were from a slum and ...
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Reaching the Unreached

From Dr. Sathish Divakar, Beacon Ministries founder… “We face a humongous task of reaching the unreached in Asia who have never ...
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Akha Missionary Bible Seminary

The purpose of this seminary is to bring pastors, leaders and missionaries from around the world to the seminary to ...
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Relief in Nepal

A massive earthquake has hit Nepal. Here is an update from our friends there: “Thank you so much for your ...
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The Gospel of John Movie

Bijaya had the opportunity to travel to 6 different villages preaching and sharing the Gospel of John. Here’s one of the ...
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Leeches and the Gospel

Bijaya shares a report from a recent trip to a remote village… “We had a great trip even though there were ...
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Devastating Earthquake in Nepal: Prayers Needed

A whole region of Nepal is in mourning over the devastation from the earthquake. Thousands of people have lost their ...
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Faith and Socorro

English Classes Over the Summer

Socorro and Faith had about 26 high school students and about 20 adults that came to their intensive English classes ...
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Reaching Loatians with the Gospel

Laotians daily cross the Mekhong River to Thailand to buy food, do business, and go to the hospital. Socorro and ...
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What Does It Mean to Be “Born Again”?

Pastor John was born into a Christian family in the Middle East. His dad was a pastor, and they regularly ...
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Helping the Poor & Disabled

Caring for the poor and disabled in Moldova: ...
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127 Graduates at the Biennial Commencement

On January 31, 2015, Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary held their biennial commencement. Well over a thousand well-wishers ...
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Joseph’s Story: From Demon Worship to Jesus Worship

My name is Joseph, but my African name means “Forgive them." Joseph grew up in a family and culture that ...
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Humble beginning

A Humble Beginning

Editor's Note: This is an excerpt from Ministry in the Golden Land of Judson, a booklet authored by Dr. Do ...
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Dr. Mung

Meet the Founder and President, Dr. Mung

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Ministry in the Golden Land of Judson, a booklet written by Dr. Do ...
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It All Started 6 Years Ago With a Vision

In 2006, the ministry started a tutoring program to help slum kids finish school. Six years later, they had their ...
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Christians Are Not Allowed To Stay

Below is an update from Pastor Aki about his hope to open doors to sharing the Gospel with the people ...
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They Told Him to Stay in the States…

Pastor Aki came to the States for seminary training and was encouraged to stay in the States, but his passion ...
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