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New Church History Among the Akha in Laos

For the first time in church history, Akhas in Laos will have their own church building! Recently they received official paperwork from the government for this endeavor. Typically, the government does not acknowledge the Akhas, so this is a huge praise!

This bamboo building will be the church home for 30 Akha families. Over 200 people in the area have become Christians. This church will soon become a hub for evangelism to surrounding areas.


The Akha people are refugees in any country. The Akha Light Foundation plants churches among the Akha people in Thailand.

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  • Pray that many more will hear the gospel, and that Jesus grows his church among the Akha people
  • Pray for the persecution of Christians in Laos, China, and Vietnam
  • That God would open the door for evangelism in Vietnam
  • Pray for grace and wisdom for the caregivers at the House of Light.
  • That churches and believers in Laos and China would grow in the faith
  • Pray for the students at the Bible college that they would have the courage to stand for the Lord in trials
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