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Church Planting Among the Akha People with Pastor John

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About Church Planting Among the Akha People with Pastor John

The Akha people are essentially refugees in any country where they live. They originated in Tibet and over many generations, have migrated to China, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. But even if they live in Thailand, they aren't given Thai citizenship. They are only given a refugee card to stay in limited areas.

There are around 2 million Akhas around the world. The Akha Light Foundation is under the leadership of an Akha pastor, lovingly referred to as Akha John. The Foundation focuses on church planting among the Akha people in Thailand and surrounding countries, training church leaders through the Akha Missionary Bible Seminary, and running the House of Light. The House of Light is an orphanage for Akha children rescued from slave labor and the sex trade.

Latest Updates from Church Planting Among the Akha People with Pastor John

Akha Baptist Church
Akha Baptist Church—"The Akhas Have Learned to Give"

There were five people that showed up for the first service of Akha Baptist Church. That was in 1997. This tiny church was born out of Akha John’s passion and vision to reach his own peole—the Akha people—for Christ. The Akhas are a nomadic people group scattered throughout five countries in Asia. But God knows […]

Police gave up
Police Gave Up After Seeing Hundreds of Worshipers

It is against the law in this country to preach the gospel. But, when the police saw the crowd of 250 people worshiping together, the police gave up.

Akha village
The First Akha Christian in China

Meepia was the first Akha Christian in China. Out of 2 million Akhas in the country, she was the only one of them who loved Jesus. Can you imagine?

New Church History Among the Akha in Laos

For the first time in church history, Akhas in Laos will have their own church building! Recently they received official paperwork from the government for this endeavor. Typically, the government does not acknowledge the Akhas, so this is a huge praise! This bamboo building will be the church home for 30 Akha families. Over 200 […]

House of Light: Caring For Orphans

Without citizenship it is difficult if not impossible for the Akha to get a job. One of the only ways to get Thai citizenship is to complete a high school education, but there is no free education as of yet in Thailand. Most Akha children without families to care for them will be sold into […]

Akha Missionary Bible Seminary

The purpose of this seminary is to bring pastors, leaders and missionaries from around the world to the seminary to teach sound doctrine to the students who are then sent out to reach their people and communities. Currently, there are 15 full-time and 5 part-time students 3 different countries Please pray for these students, that […]

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    • Pray for the persecution of Christians in Laos, China, and Vietnam
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    • Pray for grace and wisdom for the caregivers at the House of Light.
    • That churches and believers in Laos and China would grow in the faith
    • Pray for the students at the Bible college that they would have the courage to stand for the Lord in trials
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