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International Student Ministry with Sagar and Nina (Ukraine)

Sagar and his wife Nina work to primarily reach international students from places like India and the Middle East who are studying in the big Ukrainian city.

Theological Seminars with Alex Abramov (Ukraine)

Alex equips and encourages Ukrainian pastors and leaders of churches. He focuses on rural areas with little access to seminary education.

The Church Ministries Institute with Volodya (Ukraine)

The heart of the Church Ministries Institute (CMI) in Ukraine is to provide theology for every church and for every believer.

Women's Center with Luba Abramov (Ukraine)

Luba serves women with a pro-life pregnancy center in Ukraine. They share gospel counsel & care for moms with challenges still in Ukraine & as refugees.

Small Group Discipleship with Volodymyr and Maria (Ukraine)

Volodymyr and Maria Sagadyeyev aid the development of local churches in Ukraine through small group discipleship ministries.

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Even Atheist Agree to Pray: An Update from Ukraine

“Going through the hell of war it is hard to remain an atheist,” Volodymyr and Maria wrote from Ukraine.

Focused Refugee Ministry from Bosnia to Poland to Ukraine

During the crisis in Ukraine, they have also been serving pastors and churches in Poland that care for refugees fleeing the war.

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Video: Moldovan Pastor Shares What It Has Been Like Since the War Started in Neighboring Ukraine

"We became pretty much everything," Pastor Mihai said about serving Ukrainians. "Even though we didn't practice it before."

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Serving Women in the Ukraine Crisis

Imagine the difficulties for women facing many challenges before the war, who now have had to travel hundreds of miles as refugees.

Bible Verses to Pray for Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Scripture is always God's will. Here are some specific Bible verses we can pray for our Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Ministry Workers Staying in Ukraine

They're staying to care for their neighbors who have “no friends abroad, no cash, almost no food, no nearby air-raid shelter, and no hope.”

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A Romanian Church Serves Refugees from Ukraine

Alexe and his church have compassion for the refugees from Ukraine crossing into Romania at the rate of 500 every hour

Ukraine Crisis Fund

The Ukraine Crisis fund provides resources to national partners and churches who are seeking to meet the needs of their community in a time of upheaval and unrest in order to compassionately share the gospel with hurting people. Give Now

Wave: Refugee Care with Zijah (Bosnia)

As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and refugee care.

Church Planting and Refugee Ministry with Felix and Oana (Romania)

Felix and Oana are part of the team working to grow this church and they also serve Ukrainian refugees with their physical and spiritual needs.

Christmas 2022

Global Gifts 2022 | Give a Christmas gift to a known and trusted national Christian ministry leader to support their ministry

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Sharing Good News in Bad Times

Resources have always been limited on Cyprus, so the relationship with the mainland has always been important. But a view to the governments and economies in the north, east, and south looks tenuous. Because of the crisis in Ukraine, inflation has risen, taking the cost of electricity with it. As people go to and from […]

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Staying in Touch Through Bible Study Online

They are scattered around the world for now but are trying to stay in touch together though Bible study online.

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The Women's Center Shares the Real Source of Hope

God is using the churches and Christian organizations in Ukraine and all over the world to share The Good News and the real source of hope!

The Refugee Crisis Is Not a Political Debate: It's a Gospel Issue

What purpose does God hold for asking His children to serve strangers and foreigners in a refugee crisis? It's a Gospel issue.

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Recovering from Cancer for God's Glory

Pastor Vasiliy and his wife, Olga, hope to travel into Ukraine. This desire is notable because Pastor Victor’s wife is recovering from cancer.

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Delivering Food to People Living Underground

Cristian also went with a group of men to deliver food and other necessities to Ukrainians who are still living underground.

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Broadcasting Faith to Families in Cyprus

Extended family is like immediate family. The Cyprus Christian Radio Ministry hears how listeners want to pass on faith to families.

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To See Another Ukrainian Saved

I see mothers with children safely taken to Western Europe, fed and accommodated. I have such joy to see another Ukrainian saved, safe. 

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When Visitors Come to “Check it Out”

The new building not only provided some much needed room, but also piqued the curiosity of visitors who came just to “check it out.”

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Theological Training in Wartime

Seminary leaders & teachers carry on their work remotely. The seminary family prays & encourages each other in online chapel services.

TV Journalist Update
The Question of a TV Journalist

Matviy and Marichka, ministry workers, are some who chose to stay in Ukraine and it's drawn the attention of a TV journalist.

Meet Ukrainian Mothers: True Proverbs 31 Women

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come" (Proverbs 31:25). I met Ukrainian mothers who live this way.

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Preparing the Next Trip to the Ukrainian Border

"We are ready for the next trip to the border between Poland and Ukraine... this time we want to be more effective... "

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How Ministry in Romania Changed in One Weekend

The invasion happened on Thursday and “come Monday morning we were split up buying groceries, bedding, and basic necessities."