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My Father's House Orphanage with Pastor Predestin (Haiti)

My Father's House Orphanage cares for 200 children in Haiti. Their mission is to "first show the kids the love of God then tell them the love of God."

Reaching Haitian Immigrants with Pastor Ramon (Dominican Republic)

In addition to his church, Pastor Ramon has a burden for the more than 2 million Haitian immigrants who are living in the Dominican Republic.

Haiti School Means Hope Update
Haiti: Back to School Means Hope

After a series of tragic events in Haiti, back to school means hope in Haiti. Routines, learning, nutrition, & safety are reasons for praise.

Haiti: Helping with the National-First Approach

In the National-First Approach, the partner knows who trustworthy individuals are and has a relationship to help in a crisis.

How to Help Haiti After Disaster

Over a decade ago, a similar quake hit #Haiti. They never recovered. Now a new natural disaster has shaken the nation. How can I help Haiti?

School Haiti Update
Doubling Up for School in Haiti’s New Normal

A combination of 2 crises created Haiti's new normal. As school starts, they trust the God of the Double Portion to provide. Pray with us?

Praying for Safety in Haiti in Midst of Widespread Kidnappings

Pastor Predestin recently sent out this urgent message requesting prayer for safety, and that the schools will be able to stay open.

How to Pray for Haiti During the Worst of the Worst Times

It’s hard to find any good in what is happening, and like Abraham in Genesis 18, we beg God not to destroy the righteous with the wicked.

Haiti demonstrations Update
When Haiti Demonstrations Hit Home

"In my situation with these many children, the Haiti demonstrations are really complicated. All we have is about to finish."

Resilient people Update
Haitians Are Resilient People

Haitians are resilient people, but they need truth and hope. We're ready to give them what they need for physical life and eternal life.

Children's Ministry Training (Worldwide)

This project trains children's ministry workers how to teach the Bible to kids because kids need to hear the life-changing Gospel explained clearly.

Christmas 2022

Global Gifts 2022 | Give a Christmas gift to a known and trusted national Christian ministry leader to support their ministry

drinking water Update
Video: The Kids Have No Drinking Water

The kids at My Father's House Orphanage have no drinking water. Pastor Predestin is smiling while he talks about it.

bateys Update
Pastoral Training in the Bateys

Scattered throughout the vast sugar cane fields in the Dominican Republics are small communities called bateys.

Live Global Training Opportunities

Serve at a Bible Institute (Dominican Republic)Live Global is starting a new work around the area of Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic in 2022. This will be led by Ismael (a Hatian national), who is currently raising his support to serve full time with Live Global. The focus will be on training Haitian pastors […]

Every Child at the Orphanage Has a Story

Farah’s mother then brought her to My Father’s House because she has nowhere else to go. God created Farah with purpose.

A Safe Haven for the Desperate

Desperate parents are knocking on the orphanage, begging to be able to leave their little ones within the safe walls of My Father’s House.

Leaving a Legacy of Giving

With church life different now, we can be intentional in leaving a legacy of giving. As we do, we grow global hearts in the next generation.

How to Give a Global Stimulus

Tthe stimulus can rouse activity or energy in American believers to use what God's graciously provided for the purpose of Kingdom work.

How Your Giving Makes a Difference: A Letter from Pastor Predestin

Before God and before men, your works will not be without reward because you have invested in the lives of orphans.

Give the Gift of Clothing or Shoes

As one might imagine, the resources required to provide for the needs of so many are great, and clothing is just one of the necessities.

the school almost finished Update
The School on the Mountain

The vocational school equips 250 students to work in fields ranging from cosmetology to technology and electrical engineering.

Occupying 200 Children During the Pandemic

They have been teaching them some extracurricular lessons to fill their days: baking, cake decorating, pizza making, and computer lessons.

The COVID-19 & Compassion Global Giving Guide

The COVID-19 Compassion & Global Giving Guide is a guide for prayer & tool for generous giving to help national leaders acting as fathers to those in need.

The Global Giving Guide gives hope to fathers

The Heavenly Father is using earthly fathers to do divine work in the hearts and lives of the hurting in 2020. The Global Giving Guide helps us uplift them.

COVID-19 Around the Globe

God is working across the globe through the challenges of the coronavirus. As we pray for God to save people through Jesus, let's remember Hebrews 12:1-3.

Waves of Hope

God led Pastor Predestin to found Radio My Father’s House, a station dedicated to proclaiming the good news of the Gospel to Haiti and around the world.

God Provides During the Dark Days of Protests

While protesting is still widespread and travel somewhat difficult, God has continued to provide both supplies and protection for the children.

Not Just a Playground

The playground is now another tool to help meet the physical needs of the children—both those living at the orphanage, and those that attend school there.

3 Pastors Update
Video: How Training Helped These Three Pastors

These three pastors shared specific ways they were impacted by the recent training. You can watch and listen to what they said!