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Paul’s Missionary Strategy: Build Partnerships

Scholars tell us that in a little less than 15 years time, the apostle Paul completed his church-planting mission in four major provinces of the Roman Empire. Before 47 A.D., there were no churches in Asia Minor, Macedonia, Achaia, and the region of Galatia. By 60 A.D., Paul could write, “I no longer have any… Read Full Article »

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Projects are specific ministries led by local believers to meet needs and advance the gospel
Relief Work

Helping those who are hurting


Giving people knowledge that could transform their lives

Church Planting

Setting up people with the biblical structure to grow, mature, and disciple others

Child Poverty

Providing care for orphans and needy children

Evangelism and Outreach

Proclaiming the name of Jesus to those who haven’t heard

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